How These Lovely Lions are Changing Human-Wildlife Conflict

How These Lovely Lions are Changing Human-Wildlife Conflict

We just love supporting wonderful causes and projects all over the world here at Aquamarine! While all our products are made with love, ensuring fair wages and support for the people who make them, our African Cat Project lions are extra special.

Our lions are not only handmade with love but also support a really important cause, meaning you can give back even more while bringing a new cuddly friend into your home.


African Cat Project

Based in Australia, African Cat Project is a non-profit organisation working to protect Africa’s lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Being massive animal lovers here at Aquamarine, we find it so devastating that the numbers of these big cats in the wild are continuing to decline so quickly. However, African Cat Project is doing an incredible job at raising funds for many projects in Africa such as Light for Life, N/a’an ku se Wildlife Foundation, and Cheetah Conservation Botswana, to help say goodbye to human-wildlife conflict once and for all!

 African Cat Project lions

African Cat Project Lions

Our African Cat Project lions at Aquamarine have a really special story behind them!

To help raise funds for the projects they support, African Cat Project makes these absolutely adorable lions, and they are such a gorgeous way to show your support for this important cause.

The lions are lovingly handmade by an artisan group of women in South Africa. Not only do they provide an important income for these women, but all profits from the lions also go directly to the projects African Cat Project support!

These adorable lions are made from natural linen fabric and are hand stitched, meaning each and every one is absolutely unique just like all the amazing lions in the wild. They really are the perfect gift for every feline lover and wildlife conservation supporter!

 African Cat Project lions makers

Our Lions Give Back!

In addition to supporting local artists and projects like the ones at African Cat Project, giving back is also at the core of our purpose here at Aquamarine! All of our products are matched with a worthy Buy1Give1 project so every purchase can pay it forward. When you purchase one of our African Cat Project lions, we are able to provide 1 day of shelter to a rescued animal in need thanks to our wonderful global giving partners, B1G1.

With double the love and support for so many people and animals, these beautiful lions really couldn’t be any more ethical or any more adorable!!

Aquamarine Home African Cat Project lion

Find our African Cat Project lions here and help support the cause!


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How beautiful do you think these adorable and ethical lions are?! We would love to know what you think about them in the comments below!

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