5 Steps to Styling Your Conscious Dining Space

5 Steps to Styling Your Conscious Dining Space

Some say the kitchen is the heart of the home, however, we also believe that the dining room doesn’t get the credit it deserves! Our dining tables are the places we share meals and conversation. They are where we begin and end our days together, and enjoy gatherings with our friends and family.

Our dining tables are where we connect with our loved ones without distractions and where we spend valuable time together. So, it’s only fitting that our dining rooms receive the same love and attention as the other spaces in our homes.

At Aquamarine Home, we believe in the power of ethical decor and homewares to help create a world where every being can live in tranquility and peace. All pieces in our collections are sourced directly from local artists and fair trade collectives and we do our best to ensure they are made from non-harmful, sustainable materials, whether they are new, upcycled or recycled.

While it’s easy to style the most visited rooms in our houses (like our living rooms) consciously, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when styling our dining tables. Between centrepieces, table runners, platters, and placemats, how does the everyday ethical home go about putting these pieces together?

Well, creating the picture-perfect table setting takes care and balance, especially when choosing pieces that are made with love, only positively impacting their makers and the environment! So, where do we start?

1. Napery

Whether you’re a table runner or tablecloth kind of person, reduce your impact by choosing an environmentally friendly fabric such as organic cotton or linen with natural dyes. Additionally, buy from local artists or fair trade collectives to ensure that the artisan is paid fairly for their beautiful creation!

Our gorgeous napery at Aquamarine is made by local artisan, Karin Hall from Blu Byron. Blu Byron’s napkins, table runners, and tablecloths are made using organic Indigo powder dye from the leaves of the indigo plant to eliminate the impact of chemical dyes on the environment. All of Karin’s designs have a beautiful deep indigo finish, making for a stunning coastal tablescape to feed our blue and white addiction!

Find our ethically and sustainably made napery here. 

2. Ceramics

Nothing creates a pristine table setting more than crisp white ceramics! Quality ceramic tableware should last a lifetime, and the best part if you can stack sizes and colours on your table for depth and a beautiful, organic visual effect.

Some of our favourite ceramics at Aquamarine are made by Melbourne-based ceramics artist, Leigh Houliston from The Captains Table. All of Leigh’s durable blue and white ceramics, such as her blue dot dishes and tumblers, are individually handmade with love, so each piece is entirely unique!

Find our handmade ceramics here. 

3. Garnish

Add some earthy colours to your setting with wooden garnish bowls and quirky spoons! When adding wooden tableware to your collection, stay environmentally friendly by choosing pieces made from sustainably sourced wood, such as bamboo. Don’t forget to also do your research on the artisans who make your wooden tableware to ensure ethical trade practices are in place.

At Aquamarine, we do our research to make your decisions easier! Our garnish bowls and spoons from Tay Tao are also made from sapele, which is a soft Vietnamese plantation timber ideal for carving. Tay Tao works with many small businesses and producers under Fair Trade Vietnam, cherishing and encouraging traditional craft. 

Tay Tao’s garnish bowls and quirky spoons are perfect to hold dukkah, herbs, nuts, or salt to add some organic texture and tone to your conscious table setting.

Find our artisan and ethically made bowls and spoons here.

4. Centrepiece

Finish your tranquil dining space with the perfect centrepiece! Choose your finish with a long platter stacked with fresh fruit and canapés, a salad dish for some luscious greenery, a striking piece of driftwood or your favourite natives for some romance and colour.

Centrepieces are often the winning piece of any dining setting and, best of all, they can be left as a styling piece on your table even when nobody is eating!

Find our conscious table centrepiece platters here.

5. Lighting

Don’t forget to tie together your table setting with your dining room decor, too!

A feature lampshade is a perfect way to illuminate your styling and to add some complexity to your space. At Aquamarine, we have a lovely range of ethically and environmentally made pendant lights by Lummi & Co for a gorgeous, glowing atmosphere. Handmade by a Fair Trade organisation in Thailand, our pendant lights are made with natural dyes and glue using the traditional craft of yarn ball making for a soft texture and gentle lighting.

Our pendants ensure consistent employment for Thai artisans and cherish traditional manufacturing methods. What’s even more enlightening is that, with every purchase, our entire collection of lights provide families in need with access to lighting, thanks to our giving partners, Buy 1 Give 1.

Find our pendant lights here.


We hope we have given you some inspiration on how to style your dining space more consciously through our great range of coastal accessories and decor! Watch this space as we add more ethically and sustainably sourced dining pieces in the coming months, and as we offer more insight into how to style spaces in your home more consciously. If you have any item from our tableware range in your home, we would love to see how you incorporate your piece into your conscious dining space. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook with a photo of your setting!

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How do you style your dining space consciously? We would love to hear your reflections on this in the comments below!

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