How Ethical Decor Brings Tranquility Into Your Home

How Ethical Decor Brings Tranquility Into Your Home

What makes your house a home?

Is it the memories, history, and people within it, your unique and meaningful collection of belongings, or simply some combination of the two?

What we do know for sure is that a home is made up of so much more than the walls and roof that surround it. We also know that everything and everyone that you invite into your home will have an impact on the feel and mood of your space. While it can be easy to invite in wonderful and mindful guests who offer powerful stories and a positive touch, the same can’t always be said for the items we bring into our homes.

In some ways, we can bring a piece of decor into our homes like we would invite in a stranger – we don’t know where this piece has come from, we don’t know how it’s impacted the lives of others, and sometimes we don’t even know why we’re bringing it into our home in the first place! This is why it’s so important to know the story behind the pieces you purchase.

Just like having a good friend over for a warm dinner, ethical decor and homewares can add a sense of comfort and warmth to your home.


What is ethical decor?

Here at Aquamarine Home all of our collections are sourced directly from local artists, fair trade collectives and social enterprises, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions are met. On top of nurturing the development and prosperity of artisans, we support traditional manufacturing methods to ensure that cultural traditions are valued for years to come.

At Aquamarine, we believe that living lightly on our planet is also a huge part of ethical manufacturing. We love natural materials, recycled and up-cycled items, and despise plastic with a passion!

While we believe all of these factors are crucial for ethical manufacturing, we know that what’s even more fulfilling is knowing that your decor is not only ethically made but also gives back. The idea that knowing the things you buy are not only helping the people who made them and the planet but also that your purchase is paying it forward to even greater causes helps bring an even deeper sense of fulfilment and integrity into your home.


How does ethical decor bring peace into your surroundings?

We have seen with our own eyes that knowing the origin of an item – knowing the history of a piece and the story of the person who made it – can be deeply heartwarming and can connect you more with your surroundings. When something breaks or wears down, knowing its origin can make you want to repair it or recycle it, rather than throw it out. This is just one way ethical homewares are far more sustainable: you want to keep your special items for as long as humanly possible!

Knowing the origin of your pieces not only connects you to your surroundings more but brings good energy. When an item in your home is made with love and pride, that same energy then helps to fill your rooms with joy and generosity. They put a smile on your face every time you look at them!

At Aquamarine, believe that every living being on our planet deserves to live in beautiful surroundings. Bringing beautiful ethical decor into your home is such a fulfilling way to make an impact and to create peace and tranquility, not only in your surroundings but in the lives of the people who make your homewares and the causes your purchases support.

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How do your ethical homewares change the mood of your space? We would love to hear your reflections on this in the comments below!

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