How Coconut Bowls are helping to save the world!

How Coconut Bowls are helping to save the world!

When we found this amazing company Coconut Bowls, we knew they were onto something special; gorgeous smooth bowls made from real coconuts. And whilst all of our products here at Aquamarine are ethical and eco-friendly, Coconut Bowls are making a difference simply by existing, as they are a reclaimed and up-cycled product! They also support fair trade practices in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Coconut Bowls

Environmental sustainability involves making an active choice to use more sustainable products every day. Every year trillions of single-use plastics end up as landfill, and whilst it would be great if manufacturers changed their ways, it is first up to us to change our behaviours and make a better and more eco-friendly choice. With billions of plastic containers also ending up as landfill every year, it’s important that society begins to reject plastic solutions in favour of natural and reusable solutions.

Each year billions of coconuts are harvested for coconut oil, water and their flesh and husk, whilst 99% of their shells are discarded and burned as waste. The burning is not only a waste of natural resources, but the smoke is an environmental hazard, contributing significantly to CO2 and methane emissions, as well as a health hazard to humans and animals. Coconut bowls up-cycle these shells into beautiful eco-friendly bowls made from real coconuts.

Reclaimed from companies that treat coconut shells as a by-product after they’ve extracted the flesh, water, oil and husk, the craftsmen cut, clean and sand the coconut shells, then finish them in an organic virgin coconut oil polish, turning them into beautiful coconut bowls that you can eat from.
Supporting fair trade practices, coconut bowls currently have workshops in Indonesia and Vietnam, employing many craftsmen from local communities, with plans to expand to further countries that have commercial coconut industries.
They now reclaim over 10,000 discarded coconut shells every month. Purchased from coconut farmers who had previously spent precious money and resources on the waste process, the coconut shells are taken to one of their ethical workshops in Vietnam and Indonesia, where local craftspeople are employed at well above fair trade standards. The craftspeople cut, sand and polish these coconut shells into beautiful coconut bowls that are food safe, reusable and can last a lifetime.

Coconut bowls are truly the perfect eco-friendly addition to any kitchen, as well as a little piece of paradise.
You can find our Coconut Bowls here.


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