How we partner with Buy1Give1 to change lives around the world!

How we partner with Buy1Give1 to change lives around the world!

What if you could change lives and make the world a better place every day just by doing what you're already doing? Here at Aquamarine Home, even though we source our products as consciously as possible with ethical and sustainable production as our highest priority, we felt we could do even more by contributing towards other important projects along the way. Not only does this double the impact and purpose of each product we sell, we felt it could help double the pleasure of receiving your new purchase when you know just how much good it's doing in the world. 

Thanks to our partnership with Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1), every single one of our products is paired with a global giving project that ensures we are able to pay your kindness in supporting us forward to even more worthy causes. Not only does the purchase of your products help support the people and communities who make them, and help to care for our planet through using sustainable materials and production methods, your support also really helps us make a relevant and positive contribution to even more people in need around the world. This winning combination is a trifecta that creates a positive cycle we can all feel good about.



In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals were launched at the UN, inviting and encouraging businesses to create a sustainable future together. It was felt that the creation of collective, long-term sustainability would be valued if people saw the importance of collective wellbeing, and this saw many businesses embrace this collective mission. Buy1 Give1 has been created to help businesses do just that. As a social enterprise and non-profit organisation, their mission is to help businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving stories into their everyday business activities. With their support, every business transaction can impact lives.

The wonderful thing about B1G1 is that any type of business or organisation can join, and begin impacting lives right away. Unlike other types of giving where you have to save up large amounts to make a meaningful contribution, B1G1 breaks all their projects down to the smallest possible contribution, known in their terminology as an 'impact' and this makes it possible to embed meaningful giving into every day business actions and transactions. 

If you are interested to know more about B1G1, their projects and the wonderful things they are doing in the world, or about how you might be able to incorporate affordable and meaningful giving into your daily operations, please check out their website on



What we love most about B1G1 is that we can choose an individual giving story that we care about for each of our beautiful homewares, and each time a purchase is made, we can track the collective giving that we have contributed. You'll notice a different giving story on each of our product pages - we've included some below, and you can see  a live counter showing how many of each gift we have already given at the bottom of each story on our website.


So far, your purchases have seen Aquamarine Home give the following;

  • 25 school meals to Children in need in India
  • 20 Children in India a special life education program
  • Planted 40 trees to nurture the environment in Borneo
  • 3 sports learning tools to children who need them the most 
  • 320 days of access to the internet for children in need
  • 1 person in need a special gift for improved sanitation
  • 48 days of access to the toilet and showers for families in need
  • 9 days of education support for rural children in need
  • 1 visually impaired person a special gift for sight
  • 12 nourishing meals to rescued girls in need
  • 5 children in Myanmar stationery for better education
  • 10 learning tools to school children in Nepal
  • 33 days of education support to special needs children
  • 4 goats to rural families to have sustainable income for a year
  • 2 days of access to life saving clean water to families in Ethiopia
  • 84 trees annual maintenance and protection
  • 3 days of early childhood development to disadvantaged children
  • 5 youth development programs to disadvantaged children 
  • 3172 days of access to special life education program for children in India
  • 14 days of agricultural training to farmers in Malawi
  • 40 bricks towards building houses for families in need in India
  • 5022 days of access to life-saving clean water to people in Malawi
  • 6 square meters of rainforest protection
  • 110 days worth of support to subsistence farmers around the world
  • planted 3 trees to nurture the environment
  • 3 days of education support to disadvantaged children
  • 5 days of shelter to children in Nepal
  • 4 days of education support to disadvantaged children in Nepal
  • 3 days of education support to disadvantaged children
  • 3 people in New Zealand a special gift at Christmas
  • 426 special learning tools to pre-school children
  • 2 children in India a special gift
  • 3 days of computer education for children in need
  • 137 days of social workers wages covered to help an indigenous community
  • 56 meals to nursery school children in Ethiopia
  • 323 learning tools to nursery school children in Ethiopia
  • 3 domestic chickens to families for income and nutrition
  • 2 days of access to a fun learning environment for children
  • 3 days of computer education for women in need
  • 1 day of business training to a women in need in Malawi
  • 5 children an improved learning environment for a year
  • 365 learning tools to disadvantaged children in Kenya
  • 427 days of access to life saving clean water for school children
  • 15 days of higher education for disadvantaged children
  • 38 learning tools for children to pursue education
  • 376 learning tools for school children in Cambodia
  • provided 6 children an improved learning environment for a year
  • 1500 days of learning materials to vocational students in need
  • 4 days of vocational training to students in need
  • 16 days of sewing training to women in need
  • 184 days of access to an income generating tool to disadvantaged women
  • 57 days of income generating activity for families in need 
  • 4 days of social workers wages covered to prevent human trafficking
  • 59 days of tuition classes to disadvantaged girls in Cambodia
  • 1592 days of access to reading materials to girls in Cambodia
  • 592 days of access to life saving clean water for families in need
  • 165 days of access to e-learning to children in India
  • 3 scarves to children in Belarus for winter protection
  • 600 days of medical protection to street animals
  • 4 newborn babies much needed clothing
  • 100 people in need life saving medical treatment
  • 10 days of access to lighting for underprivileged families
  • 2 meals to rescued animals
  • 3 days of shelter to rescued animals
  • 8 days of access to education to prevent girls from being trafficked
  • 9 meals for hungry and injured dogs
  • 219 days of access to mud houses for Kenyan families
  • planted 3 fruit trees to generate income

Wow, that's a big impact!
See more about Our Impact here as proud supporters of the United Nations Global Goals.
Collectively Worldwide, Buy1Give1 has also had an incredible impact of over 162 million, now that's something to feel great about!



Which of our giving stories resonates with you the most? Is there something you'd like to see us support? Leave your comments below.

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