How Plastic Free July Benefits Your Home and Our World

How Plastic Free July Benefits Your Home and Our World

It’s coming to the tail-end of July and here at Aquamarine we've been so impressed with all the wonderful people who have been taking part in Plastic Free July!

Plastic Free July is an initiative that started in Western Australia in 2011. Since its first month, the challenge has been completed every July by incredible participants all over the world!

The number of participants this year is bound to have topped the charts, and we’re just so excited about the huge positive impact that everyone is making together, not just in their homes but for our planet, too.

Plastic Free July Choose to Refuse Single Use Plastic

Here at Aquamarine…

We love ethical and eco-friendly homewares, and we hate plastic with a passion! While we specialise in ethical, sustainable, and fair trade furniture, decor and accessories, we are huge supporters of the plastic-free movement and are fascinated by all the amazing change happening in our world!


How does #NoMorePlastic help our planet?

It’s still mind-boggling to us (and very concerning) that every single piece of plastic every made is still floating around somewhere! Plastic Free July is a great way to start the conversation about protecting our incredible world, including the amazing animals and ecosystems within it.


At Aquamarine, we are deeply inspired by the ocean and all its beautiful creatures, and the thought of something so tranquil causing so much harm because of our actions is an awful feeling. We believe that all animals deserve to live in peace and harmony, just as much as us. Reducing our plastic waste definitely helps all the incredible animals on our planet, and especially those in the ocean. 

Save our Oceans, Choose to Refuse


Did you know that like the plastic contamination in our water and air, global farmlands are also becoming contaminated? New studies are showing that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of microplastics have been found in farmlands globally and that, like sea animals, soils and plants eat up this plastic too!

Plastic Free July helps by spreading awareness and encouraging all of us to take action and to stop plastics from harming animals and plants (and to stop plastic from making its way into our food – yuck!).


How does #ChooseToRefuse help your home?

Fresh food!

While it's really tricky to go completely plastic-free when shopping at the supermarket, you’ll find that your pantry and fridge look so much healthier when purchasing fresh food without plastic packaging. Not to mention, your pantry will look so organised if you store all of your key ingredients such as rice and pasta in beautiful jars!

No more stock-piling

Okay, hands up if you’ve ever had a bag full of just plastic bags!

Choosing canvas, cotton, or hemp bags, as well as reusable cups, straws and bottles is the best way to get rid of all that plastic piling up in your home. We just love the idea of getting rid of clutter and making room for the beautiful things that matter.

With the Australian Plastic Bag Ban already in place in WA and QLD, and on its way to other states including our very own home in Victoria, now’s the time to get prepared. One way to prepare for the Plastic Bag Ban is to have a handy tote bag ready at all times!

We're so excited that our very own Organic Cotton Tote Bags are now available online, just for this purpose! Our bags are made with love by a wonderful social enterprise in India called Fair and Square, who focus both on sustainability and ethical trade. We just love that our very first Aquamarine branded product supports the wellbeing of the women who make them and minimises harm on the environment.

Aquamarine Home Tote Plastic Free Fair Trade Organic Cotton

You can find our Aquamarine Organic Cotton Totes here.

Healthy family

As much as we can do to change our habits, isn’t it just so scary that some of the chemicals in plastic could be damaging our health and hormones without us even knowing about it?! The peace of mind that comes with a plastic free kitchen and home is definitely worth it, and a great step to take care of your body, too.


We know there aren’t plastic free options for everything (yet!). So, we’re sure many people have found that going plastic free in their homes this July has encouraged lots of creativity and problem solving for the whole family!

What are some creative ways you avoid plastic? Did you take part in Plastic Free July? If so, have you noticed a difference in the way you think about your purchases?

Leave a comment, we’d love to know your thoughts on all of this!

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