How these sustainable rugs help you tread more lightly on our planet

How these sustainable rugs help you tread more lightly on our planet

Descendants of sugarcane farmers, Australian siblings Sally Murali and Tim Barnes are changing the textile trading world.

The siblings were sipping on sugarcane juice during a business trip in Delhi when their their sustainable and innovative business came to life. It was in this moment when they realised how perfectly the word 'sugarcane’ fit into their family history and so, Sugarcane Trading Co was born.

At Sugarcane Trading Co, Sally and Tim bring handmade, artisan designed rugs and other homewares to our Australian shores. All of Sugarcane Trading Co's rugs are made in India from upcycled clothing offcuts, working to to support the lives of the artisans who make them.

Sally and Tim are passionate about living life with intention and purpose. The core driver of Sugarcane Trading Co’s high-quality design and manufacturing is to inspire people to slow down, buy less, and consume consciously.

In every stage of the supply and manufacturing chain, the siblings work to reduce environmental impact, to preserve and celebrate traditional artisan skills, and to always give back to communities.

Sugarcane Trading Co Ananya Rug

Environmental Impact

Roughly 500,000 tonnes of leather and textiles are thrown into landfill each year – and that’s just in Australia alone. Sugarcane Trading Co is aware of the tonnes of waste produced on a global level and so they actively work to reduce this number.

As a result, all Sugarcane Trading Co rugs are hand-loomed from upcycled cotton waste, including offcuts from denim manufacturing in India. These offcuts are then cut into strips and separated by hand, where they are joined into long yarns and used to weave the beautiful deep blue hues into the rugs.

With no electricity, motors, or machinery – in fact, with nothing more than hand-operated looms and simple tools – Sugarcane Trading Co’s skilled craftspeople meticulously make every rug by hand. The effort and detail that goes into this manufacturing process ensures reduced environmental impact and stops waste from going to landfill.

Sugarcane Trading Co Artisan

Social Impact

While Sugarcane Trading Co is a leader in reducing waste, the company is also a loud voice in helping to enrich the lives of artisans and their families. The business has established The Sugarcane Trust to contribute and give back to the artisan communities who make their rugs. They are also members of CARE & FARE, which helps to abolish illegal child labour in India, Nepal, and Pakistan and ensures socially acceptable production.

Sugarcane Trading Co Leela Rug

The Rugs

These beautiful rugs are available in 8 different sizes and are made to last. They are woven into very modern patterns, helping to create a casual but striking coastal accent in any room.

Ananya rugs have an Aztec inspired design, while Nalini rugs embrace the contemporary herringbone style. Leela rugs, on the other hand, have a timeless lattice design for a classic, glamorous statement. As the rugs are made from upcycled denim and cotton, offcuts from jeans are used to create the stonewashed blue tone in this range of Sugarcane Trading Co’s rugs so you can create your own coastal tranquillity in any room or hallway.

When you purchase a Sugarcane Trading Co rug from our collection, our giving partners Buy 1 Give 1 provide 7 days of education to support rural children in need.

We love that all Sugarcane Trading Co products have been created in an environment of care and fairness not only for our earth but for the people who make them, so we can feel at ease knowing that a piece as timeless as a rug is just as beautiful from the start of its life until it reaches our homes.

With our deepest love and gratitude, Aquamarine Home.


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How great is Sugarcane Trading Co's environmental and social impact? We would love to hear your thoughts and reflections on this in the comments below!

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