The inspiration 

In January 2017 while preparing her parents' beloved beachside property for sale, our Founder & CEO Alison Rentoul's eye for design was resoundingly proven when the house fetched more than $30,000 over the original property valuation following her styling. At the same time however, Alison began to be frustrated that she didn't know anything about the provenance of the decor she had purchased for this transformation. Although the house looked beautiful, she was left with the very unpleasant feeling there was a greater human and environmental cost to the property makeover, that was literally being swept under the carpet. In that moment the idea for Aquamarine was born - a beautiful store where lovers of relaxed coastal style and soft beach house interiors could find gorgeous, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly items with a completely clear conscience. 

Our philosophy
At Aquamarine we believe every living being on our planet deserves the right to live in beautiful surroundings, in peace, harmony, joy and love. This might sound unrealistic to some, but we think it's possible to do business fairly and to live as lightly as possible on our planet and we're on a mission to prove it! All our beautiful products are sourced directly from local artists and fair trade collectives and we do our best to ensure they are made from natural, non-harmful, sustainable materials. We hate plastic with a passion and strive to avoid it wherever possible!

New, recycled or up-cycled, every beautiful item in our collection tells a story - of the people who have poured love and creativity into these pieces, the gorgeous natural materials and traditional methods used to produce them and the care and attention that has gone into their creation.

When collaborating with social projects in the developing world our aim is to support the people who produce the beautiful items they create for us, to nurture their development and improve their prosperity in every way. When selecting local artists to represent, we choose people with soul and passion, who craft their creations with love using traditional, natural materials and methods.

With all of this in mind, when selecting pieces from our collection, you can shop wth a completely clear conscience, happy in the knowledge you are making ethical and respectful purchases, while also helping to protect and preserve our world for future generations.