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Abut our Founder & CEO, Alison Rentoul
Alison Rentoul Founder and CEO of Aquamarine Home

For as long as she can remember, Alison has been obsessed with interior styling and beautiful home decor. While it took 30 years for her to make this her actual profession, it has always been her absolute 'happy place' and undeniable deepest passion. She would be the first to admit she has spent far too much money over the years on decorating her homes and her husband would be the first to confirm this!

At the same time Alison has long been a passionate campaigner on equality, human and animal rights and the environment, being a lifelong supporter of Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Avaaz and other activist groups. Alison has always believed that through kindness, fairness and respect for one another and our planet, we can truly 'save the world'.

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, after completing an Arts degree majoring in Ethics and English Literature, Alison began her career as a copywriter, working for some of Melbourne and then London's most famous advertising agencies. Her original dream was to use the power of advertising to create social campaigns on important issues like equality, human rights and the environment, but she soon realised that in the early 1990's the advertising world wasn't quite ready to be a voice of change.

Having been an absolute devotee of the original ethical and sustainable activist beauty company The Body Shop, in her early 20's Alison was selected from hundreds of applicants to work  at their flagship Piccadilly Circus store in London. She revelled in the ethos of 'business for good' espoused by founder Anita Roddick and soaked up everything she could learn about their business model. Without realising it at the time, this was actually where the first seeds of the idea for Aquamarine were sewn.

Alison's desire to travel and explore, combined with a family history of sailing and a great love of the sea, saw her go on to spend several years working aboard luxury superyachts in the Mediterranean & Caribbean before becoming the Marketing Director for a large international Superyacht brokerage company. With a strong desire to improve the happiness levels amongst crew on yachts, Alison later went on to create a successful leadership and career coaching business in this sector.

Although it was not her primary role, working in some of the most luxurious interiors in the world has both inspired and informed Alison's eye for design, and given her a solid foundation in contemporary interior styling. After 18 years in the South of France, Alison and her husband returned to Melbourne in January 2017, following the unexpected passing of her father.

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