Shipping & Postage
We offer free shipping inside Australia for orders over $50 with Australia Post. For orders under $50, standard postal rates apply. To check the postage rate for your items prior to purchase simply enter your postcode in the Shipping Calculator in the shopping cart. International shipping is available from $29. Orders are dispatched if time allows on the same day or first thing the next morning and will be zooming their way to you as fast as possible! 

We use eco-friendly recyclable and recycled packaging to post your goodies to you. Our bubble wrap is 100% recyclable and also biodegradable, and our packaging peanuts are made from 100% natural corn which is compatible and breaks down in water. 

How do you source your products?
Our founder and CEO Alison Rentoul loves nothing better than scouring the globe looking for lovely things to put in her house – so much so that she’s created Aquamarine to support her shopping habit! Alison travels the world looking for beautiful products, and connecting with people and programs to set up and support fair trade commerce that contributes to and helps build local communities. Alison also enjoys supporting Australian artisans and can often be found at local craft markets soaking up the atmosphere and winkling out beautiful new pieces to add to our collections. If you have an ethical / sustainable product you think would be a great fit for Aquamarine, please don't hesitate to get in touch on dreamteam@aquamarinehome.com

How do you know your products are ethical and/or sustainable?
We do our due diligence as far as possible to investigate the production processes, materials and manufacturing of all our products. We strive to bring you as much information as we can so you can make informed decisions about the products you choose. Sadly in our current world it’s virtually impossible for anything to be produced 100% sustainably or ethically, as invariably somewhere in the chain there will be some element that doesn’t meet that critiera (such as the energy source of the country for example!), however we are striving for this and constantly working with our producers to create products that are as kind as possible to people, animals and our planet.

Why are you called Aquamarine?
Our founder Alison has always loved the colour blue, and is a self confessed addict of all things blue, aqua and white. Being a lifelong lover of the sea, Alison wanted a name that could convey the tranquility and calm of beautiful turquoise water on a blue sky day. You'll see that all our products tie in with a coastal (some might say Hamptons) theme, and Alison has deliberately curated this gorgeous collection so you can bring some of the natural peace and harmony of our beautiful Australian beaches into your own surroundings.

What is B1G1?
In addition to supporting trade partnerships with communities in developing countries, our global giving partners www.b1g1.com provide us with a way to spread our impact even further. Buy 1 Give 1 has a huge global network of worthy programs, so every time you purchase something from Aquamarine we are able to contribute to wonderful causes that are close to our heart. For further information on which projects we support, see details on each product page or see our About page for more information.