Virtual Styling

Here at Aquamarine Home we know that before committing to a larger purchase like a new rug or a beautiful piece of wall art, you might first like to know what it would look like in your home. 

So thanks to our amazing tech partners, we have come up with a super cool and really clever way for you to view products virtually, live in your own living room - or wherever you would like to see the product! 

To get started all you need to do is download the VIRTUAL STYLING SHEET (click here) and then print it out and assemble it into an a2 size poster. Place this in the room at the centre of where you would like to see the rug or wall art. Next print out the relevant Virtual styling Card (choose from the options below) and, using your phone camera, scan the Zap Code on the card using the free Zapper App. 

Start with your phone quite close to the Virtual Styling Sheet and then move slowly away so you can begin to see the full effect of the piece in your room. The product will appear in place of the poster and you can even take a photo of it to show your other half, to help decide if it's the right piece for you!

The products are scaled to virtually represent their actual size in your room. If the product pops off the poster simply move closer to the poster until it anchors back on, and then you can move slowly away again. 

We are super keen to hear what you think about this exciting new technology which has the power to help reduce the carbon footprint of going to a shop or ordering and trialling a product and possibly sending it back. 

Virtual Styling Cards: Click to download



Giant Freckle Rug Virtual Styling Card